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Series »Writings on Art Criticism«

This series was established by Walter Vitt in 1993 and is edited by him in collaboration with the German section of the International Art Critics Association AICA.

Each volume (in German) is limited to 48 pages, is an »afternoon's reading« so to speak. The series is to be understood as an alternative program to the mammoth catalogues of a certain exhibition practice currently in place.

Preferably members of the German AICA section are invited as authors. The topics address are appropriate to the current discourse in art criticism.

Particular importance is shown the presentation of the small booklet. For the covers, the collaboration of the Braunschweig painter and art professor Lienhard von Monkiewitsch was won. His system of composition and construction »with square, parallelogram and rectangle« is superbly suited to an imaginative further development of the cover design. A continued collaboration with the painter is intended.

Each volume € 9,10
For subscriptions (backdated as well) we offer 20% discount.

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