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The Exceptional Exhibition of 2012 – Sounds Like Silence

2012 Museum of the Year: Städel Frankfurt/Main

Marie Luise Syring now Head of the German section of AICA
January 2013

On the Cologne Art Forgery Trial
Oktober 2011

Rolf Wedewer / Eulogy
November 2010

International AICA Congress Valencia/Barcelona 2008

AICA Presidency: Thomas Wulffen Relieves Walter Vitt
April 2008



On the "Essays" Volume about Arno Breker. A Guest Article by Rainer Hartmann
November 2007

Evelyn Weiss is Dead
November 2007

Evelyn Laid to Rest
November 2007

Revisiting Heinz Ohff
August 2007

Georg Jappe, In Memoriam/ by Horst Richter
March 2007

Walter Vitt at Seventy
Oktober 2006

Honorary Doctorate for Werner Spies
February 2005

From the AICA Convention in Taipei
January 2005

No Showing of Flick Collection without a Critical Parallel Exhibition

ART COLOGNE- 2003 Prize Awarded to Werner Spies
Art historian and art critic Werner Spies (b. 1937) is this year’s recipient of the ART COLOGNE Prize.

Joint statement of the critics' associations:
Critics call for establishment of Cultural Foundation as crisis headquarters


Marie Luise Syring now Head of the German section of AICA
January 2013

Karl Ruhrberg, In memoriam / by Horst Richter
April 2006

Kurt Leonhard, In Memoriam / by Walter Vitt
Oktober 2005

German AICA Pioneer / Hanns Theodor Flemming, In Memoriam
July 2005

A Great Inciter/ On the Death of Art Historian Lothar Romain
June 2005

His Friends Call him Charly / Karl Ruhrberg on his 80th Birthday

AICA President Walter Vitt Re-elected / Peter Herbstreuth New to Committee

Federal Cross of Merit for Gisela Burkamp
June 2004

Marie Hüllenkremer Dies
May 2004

- Berlin Symposium 1999.

Series »Writings on Art Criticism«
- Schriften zur Kunstkritik.

International AICA
- Congresses of the International AICA.

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